BASE 109


Base with cast iron counterweight painted with epoxy powder, with four ABS feet. Provided with painted steel column and our die-cast aluminum “Star” top fixing cross.

DESIGNER : logo PF stile ridotto2 R&D Department

base 109Height: 72 cm
Weight: ∼ 11,5 kg
Diameter base: 40 cm
Top max: diam. 70 cm
Provided with: “STAR” cross – in die-cas alumun
4 ABS caps

Standard heights:
–  72 cm (11,5 kg)
– 108 cm (12,5 kg)
– 40 cm (10,5 kg).
Product cleaning instructions: clean with  a damp rag and dry the surface. In any case do not use any aggressive cleanser or solvent.


BASE 109