V12 chair

Design and quality enhance a futuristic project with innate elegance

SHABBY stool
PF STILE R&D Department

Hope Line

With its visible screws, the Hope line is characterised by an industrial-inspired design. Made of 100% steel, this collection offers a wide range of possible combinations, ensuring versatility and customisation for every need.
Hope is an ideal furniture option for those who want to add an industrial touch to their environments, fitting perfectly in any type of space: from restaurants to offices, from homes to hotels.

PF Stile
We turn contract furniture into a design experience

We have been in the contract furniture business since 1983, offering solutions that combine design and quality. Our range includes bases, tabletops, tables, chairs, stools and ottomans and stands out thanks to the quality of the materials and excellent finishes. Aesthetic research and design innovation are fundamental to us at PF Stile, which is why our designers are constantly focused not only on the elegance of our products, but also on the comfort they provide.