A big italian metropolis, 6 intensive and demanding but also absorbing days, over 2.000 exhibitors, 35% of the from abroad, 650 designers, 8 pavillions, en exhibiting area of 345.000 mq2 plus 60.000 mq2 outdoor, over 340.00 visitors from 165 countries all over the world, about 10% more than the previous edition, 1498 events dispersed throughout 11 of the most known milanese districts, 198.000 photos posted on Instagram with the hashtag #fuorisalone. These are only some of the numbers which confirm the big success of the 56th edition of the Salone del Mobile, something that cannot be considered only as an event because every year it makes Milan the international capital of design, furnishing, art, creativity, innovation,  technology and and much more besides.

Also for us the Salone has represented our most important scheduled date in our calender. It has given us the possibility not only to exhibit our new lines and products and enter in contact with our clients and potential clients, but also to approach with a fascinating and exciting world, full of inspirational sorces and creative starting point.

During the Salone we presented our new 2017 line “Industrial Appeal”, is what comes from an year of commitment and dedication, ideas and creativity that we share with our R&D team. “Industrial Appeal”, as its name said, is a design product line inspired by industrial style:

” amused by the open industrial spaces, the strictness of their architecture and the use of poor unrefined materials,we choose to transpose these iconic features of industrial style in our new collection, searching for a balance of perfect contrast and using clean and captivating lines.”

Industrial style is all about monochrome: tones of grey, black, white and beige dominate our new collection. The products are characterized by the use of industrial materials as the zinc-coated steel, Cast-iron, rough wood, plastic and important fabrics. As the industrial architecture, our products are firstly functional, in fact they fit perfectly in any context: from contract to public/corporate spaces, to any interior as offices and home. That’s how the new “Industrial Appeal” collection was born, composed by tables, chairs, outdoor furnishings and lamps, which plays with a geometric aesthetic and unrefined materials bringing to light a captivating and incisive design that it’s all about harmonious contrasts.