The nordic elegance of wood in 5 new chair models:

    Peculiarity of the Wood line is the frame, in solid beechwood, elegant and functional, is also completely dismountable. The soft-line legs and the Nordic touch integrate perfectly with sophisticated shell, available in oak plywood, polycarbonate or upholstered in soft fabric or ecoleather with original visible stitching that follow its design. The combination of clean lines and the natural effect of solid wooden legs creates a warm and cozy atmosphere around the chair.


    Wood line chairs share the same solid beechwood frame, accurately refined both internally and externally, is completely desmountable and easy mounted with only 5 screws. The frame can be coupled with “Glamour Up” shell, upholstered with high density rubber foam and revested in soft ecoleather, “Glamour Plastic” in functional and resistant polycarbonate,  “Milù” in oak plywood, “Milù Up” upholstered and revested in soft fabric, or “Milù Soft” in plywood, revested in felt wool.