The present sales conditions govern the relationship between Pf Stile S.r.l. and the customer who receives the goods and / or services as well as the ordering of the goods themselves. Any other arrangement must be agreed in writing between the parties, under penalty of nullity.

 The products offered in the images of our fee, displayed in the catalogue, price list, promotions, newsletter and special offers are for illustrative purposes only. Even weights, colours and dimensions can be subject to changes and Pf Stile reserves the right to make changes and / or improvements without prior notice. For a constantly updated price list have confidence in the information on the website, which is downloadable with password that will be given to the customer on request via mail to

1 – Orders

The customer may request from Pf Stile. goods and/or services by the means of ordering, dated and signed and sent by post, fax or e-mail to the offices in Altavilla Vicentina (VI), via Lago Maggiore 25 Italy. In making orders, the customer must clearly indicate, where required, the place in which the products will be shipped to, a name of the person responsible for the payment (withdrawal), the bank coordinates and the VAT number. The order is revocable by the customer only when it is accepted by Pf Stile. It will be accepted by Pf Stile when the organisation retracts the “pro forma invoice”, which means the contract concludes.

In the case where Pf Stile sends an offer in the form of a “Quote” to the customer, the offer remains valid until the quote expires (which is written therein). The offer is still revocable by Pf Stile. up until the acceptance by the customer. Meaning if they retract the quote before the customer agrees to the offer the contract is ended. In conclusion each different contractual agreement, must be agreed upon between the parties and be in writing (as evidence). Pf Stile reserves the right to modify at any time the goods from the same products and/or marketed for both technical requirements, whether economic or strategic whatsoever without prior notice.

2 – Prices

The prices which are “listed” (list prices) in the “Promotions” and in the “Special offers” are exclusive of VAT and any ancillary or shipping costs. The price is to be understood as ex works (prices) (EXW. INCOTERMS) meaning that the buyer incurs the risks for bringing the goods to their final destination. In making sure that transport is at the expense of the recipient Pf Stile will communicate details on size, weight and number of pallets only for goods ready packaged. In the case of an explicit request from the customer, Pf Stile can provide details in advance in the case of packaging in a single box, including the details already contained in the paper list, or in the case of bulk packaging, communicating the dimensions, weights and number of pallets purely as an indication. Pf Stile accepts no responsibility for miscalculations and of quotations for transport previously communicated. The prices listed by the manufacturer are to be considered as “Recommended prices to the public” to which the customers will then apply the discount reserved for them; in regards to the promotional prices and special offers the prices in this case are less discounts.

The ability to download the price list like the area of the site dedicated to the promotions is confidential and only accessible via password (by request via mail to The prices of the individual components may suffer variations of prices on the basis of the cost of materials and manufacture. The supplements and the variations on the standard models are net of discounts. The prices are all in euros. There are no minimum quantities to be withdrawn. For orders with amount less than € 250,00 consumers are charged € 20,00 for fixed overheads. The particular trade conditions or discounts are already agreed to in writing between the parties and if they are not displayed in the phase of the purchase they will be considered at the time when the invoice is issued. These prices are merely an indication and Pf Stile can in fact, adjust the prices by communicating it to the customer, if it deems it necessary.

 3 – Returns

The delivery of the goods will be normally indicated in the terms of the pro forma invoice. The words “date of loading the goods” affixed on our Pro forma invoice, relates to the time at which the goods will be prepared for pickup at our warehouse. That period is indicative: any delay may give rise to claims of damages or cancellation of the order itself. Deliveries will remain suspended every year in the month of August and for 15 days over the Christmas period from 22 December. After the suspension period, the terms will again be in effect. Excluding any penalty or a right to compensation in the event of a delay in delivery. If the customer requests in writing to Pf Stile. for delaying a delivery or delay in delivery is caused by reasons not attributable to Pf Stile this may – at its discretion – mean that the goods will remain in premises at the time of request, at the sole risk of the customer. Pf Stile may, unless agreed upon otherwise, charge the customer for each day of delay, the cost of such storage, at the rate of 0.5% principal amount indicated on the invoice. In the case in that the customer requires special packaging or an urgent delivery, their requests must be made to Pf Stile within 24 hours of notification of the acceptance of the same order or should be contained in the acceptance by the customer of ‘offer made by Pf Stile. If the customer requests Pf Stile to send the goods to a different address, in any case Pf Stile assumes no responsibility for the shipment of goods and in case of problems will respond only and directly to the customer, even if the goods sent have some defect. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure within 8 days that the goods sent is not damaged. After the 8 days any dispute will not be taken into consideration.

Pf Stile will nevertheless specifically accept the conditions attached by the Customer in relation to the forms and terms of delivery as referred to above within 5 days from receipt of the request in question. If it still doesn’t believe to accept special requests, we will deliver the goods in the usual manner at its discretion.

All material deliveries are sold as ex works (EXW), at the establishment of Pf Stile S.r.l.. with invoice billing carried out in accordance with current regulations regarding packaging and transport of dangerous goods.

All the materials are sold, packaged and disassembled and then travel on pallets. The bases for tables are removed: bases bubble wrapped, tubes and cruises on boxes of 15 pieces. The amount for the costs of special packages “on request” and/or transport costs will be established in the planning of the sales order and agreed in writing with the customer. In the event that they have ordered less than 5 pieces and do not request a single packing box (extra fee), or if the customer requires that the goods are divided rather than packed in one pallet, then having to prepare more pallets that contain less dib 5 pieces falling one, Pf Stile may charge 10,00 € as costs for the pallet to lose and packaging.

Pf Stile is not responsible under any circumstances for losses and / or consequential damages of any kind that the goods may suffer as a result of transport and delivery to a different address than the invoice.

The goods travel at the risk of the driver.

4 – Payment

The payment of the goods ordered must be made 5 days before “date of loading the goods” by bank transfer. Regarding customized products and items under the heading “on demand”, the total pro-forma invoice requires a deposit of 30% at time of order and the balance remaining amount will still have to be made through the procedures agreed, and be made 5 days before “date of delivery of goods” listed on the same.

5 – Product Warranties Pf Stile SRL

All items sold by Pf Stile are guaranteed for a period of 24 months, if not otherwise specified in the offer, from the date on which it was delivered to the customer. All defects must be challenged to customer service Pf Stile within and not later than 8 days from the receipt of goods. The warranty is not recognized for the parts subject to wear and in cases where the goods have been used inappropriately, if the fault is attributable to any other cause different from manufacturing defects. In regards to the electrical products and illuminated, these are sold assembled with electric light plant and complies with the EEC regulations. In the case where it is required in a regulatory compliant lighting system UL products will be sold disassembled and consumers will be provided with electrical kit to assemble lighting system. It will not be taken into account any dispute in the case in which has not been complied with all the rules of installation, use, placement and maintenance of the product described in the website and in the conditions of sale. The warranty excludes any and all compensation for damages and expenses of any kind, substitution is not permitted and in any case the compensation for consequential or incidental damages of any kind caused to people or other things due to a possible inefficiency. In any case any cosmetic or manufacturing defect may not give rise to claims or claims for damages. The repair and/or replacement of the product is in warranty does not extend in any way the validity period of the same, which always remains of two years from the date of issuance of the tax document of purchase (sales receipt or invoice). In any case the customer has no right to compensation or reimbursement under any form. The goods under warranty must not show any sign of tampering due to repair work carried out on his own or by unauthorized third parties. The customer must present Pf Stile photos or videos validating the problem and then, only after having obtained written permission from Pf Stile for shipping, must return the goods at his/her own expense, using the original packaging. Until Pf Stile physically receives the returned goods in question, the responsibility lies entirely on the customer. Pf Stile will decide at its sole discretion whether to proceed to repair or replacement of assets. In this case they can be provided, depending on the availability of comparable or similar items at the sole judgment and discretion of Pf Stile

5.1 –  Cleaning and maintenance of products

When cleaning the items sold by Pf Stile, a dry cloth dampened with water, should only will be used (recommend the use of distilled or demineralized water only). Do not use cleaning products such as detergents, soaps or any other aggressive products or products that aren’t explicitly recommended by Pf Stile. In regards to the glass top/shelves, dry with a cloth any residual water that may tarnish the surface. The faux leather (Inca, Maya, Plustechno) will suffer a lot of exposure to moistures over its “lifespan” (time of usage), and in particular the acid ph. generated with sweat and body creams contact. In case of stains on faux leather it is recommended to absorb them with paper towels and then proceed with cleaning with mild soap and warm water (never above 40 ° C). In the case of oil stains and / or greasy stains, sprinkle the stain with talcum powder, brush and dab with perchlorethylene.

Items not covered by warranty are aesthetic parts and all components that may be defective due to negligence or careless use, incorrect maintenance, transport carried out without due caution or circumstances which, cannot be traced to defects in manufacturing and will void any warranty of Pf Stile and no claim will be taken into account. The guarantee is ex works Pf Stile in Altavilla Vicentina (VI), via Lago Maggiore 25 Italia.

 5.2 – Use and Placement of products

The polyethylene products are suitable for outside use while bearing in mind the fact that dark colours subjected to sunlight may undergo a change of colour and tend to absorb the heat of the sun rays.

Aluminium products and HPL are recommended for exterior use but are not guaranteed against atmospheric agents and are not recommended in the proximity of the sea areas and/or swimming pools.

Pf Stile offers the possibility to apply to models an external superficial polyester finishing and anti-fingerprint, however since this is not a type of galvanic treatment it is not possible to ensure against the atmospheric agents. The aesthetic parts and all components that prove to be defective due to negligence or carelessness in the use of incorrect maintenance, transport carried out without due caution, i.e. circumstances which, which, cannot be traced to manufacturing defects. In each case this painting is not recommended for sea areas and/or in the vicinity of swimming pools.

 6 – Exportation

The Pf Stile products may be subject to European export regulations and / or those of United States of America and therefore require special permission of the competent authority. Adequate information (for example, country of origin, customs tariff) are located on the goods delivery notes and invoices that show the signs of the codes mentioned in the above documents and / or in any other document Pf Stile. For each certificate (e.g. certificate of origin) that the customer should require, a fee will be charged, to a minimum of € 11,00. Specifically, consumers have the choice to have their goods sent in a carrier envelope or in a domestic envelope to be shipped. In the case you need the certificate after the shipment of the goods in addition to the cost of the certificate will be billed to you also the expenses of sending a document. The customer who buys goods for export, must inform Pf Stile, and must do so in writing in the RFP or the order, specifically indicating the final destination of the necessary goods and documents the completion of customs formalities. Pf Stile reserves the right to make supplements chargers to the customer for any document issued in addition to the shipping costs of the same. The export of goods sold by Pf Stile in countries subject to the embargo by the Italian, German or the United States of America, is prohibited. The customer has the obligation to verify that the end user of the purchased goods not belonging to the Denied Persons List (list of unwanted persons) (EC Resolution 881 and UN Resolution 1267).

It is the customer’s responsibility to communicate, in writing and in the order or in acceptance of the offer, the modes of travel and transport of goods (by sea, land, air) so that the Pf Stile might suitably package products purchased and then agreeing (in writing) to any additional costs with the same customer. In the absence of specific indications, Pf Stile will use standard packaging for land transport; no liability for damage or deterioration will be attributable to Pf Stile where merchandise is then shipped with other modes and consequently undergoes damage. It will be the task of the conveyor to produce the necessary documents for export.

The Customer agrees to comply with all provisions of law relating to the export and/or the re-export of the products and services of the Pf Stile, extracting the latter as well as any third party and holding it harmless from any and all prejudice that would in any way achieve the export and / or re-export of the products and / or services sold by Pf Stile. The execution of each individual contract is conditional and subject to the issue of the relevant export license, if necessary, or by ‘ the absence of impediments arising from the Italian legislation, as the German and / or the United States of America and any other rules or practices regarding export

All costs and charges to obtain any license or consent of any kind that must be issued by an administrative authority publishes foreseen by law, responsibility and will be borne by the customer Pf Stile. will be entitled to ask the customer for the signing of the declaration of final use. If in the course of the execution of the contract, may arise impediments deriving from Italian law, Germany or the United States of America or any other law applicable to the contract in question, Pf Stile will have the right to immediately suspend the supply, by giving written notice to the customer and finally obtaining the necessary licenses and/or authorization of any sort. For all the cases mentioned above, the assumption remains that Pf Stile dismisses responsibility for any damage suffered by the Client, including, without limitation, consequential, direct or indirect loss of profit, interruption of production etc.

7 – Anti-Corruption

The Consumer must comply with all applicable local, national, and supra, including also the normative US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of 1977, as amended, relating to the fight against corruption, abuse of office, the bribes or other similar issues, applicable to commercial activities of the Customer in connection with its agreement with Pf Stile Customer warrants and undertakes the role to not offer, promise, pay or transfer in any way, directly or indirectly, either through natural or legal persons in relation to or connection to, any payment of money or delivery of goods of value to any government official, employees or government employees or companies owned or partially by governments or political parties by officials of political parties or candidates to government offices, in order to induce such organizations or persons to use their authority or influence to obtain or retain an improper business advantage for customers or Pf Stile; guarantees are also undertaken to not offer, promise, pay or transfer in any way, directly or indirectly, any payment or provision of anything of value that constitutes or is to be intended to the of effect of in public or commercial corruption, acceptance or acquiescence to extortion, bribes or other illegal means or otherwise incorrect to conclude business or obtain any improper advantage in relation to the activities of the customer with reference to the contract concluded with the Pf Stile.


 8 – Privacy

According to D.lgs. 196/2003, code regarding the protection of personal data, Pf Stile, with its offices in Altavilla Vicentina (VI), via Lago Maggiore 25 Italy, is the holder of the treatment of personal data est. article 28 D.lgs. 196/2003 which are collected, treated and stored in accordance with the above-mentioned legislation for the proper purpose of the relationship with the consumer currently and/or in the future, and for those expressly set forth in the privacy policy ex art. 13 d.lgs. 196/2003. The data may also be communicated and/or handled by companies or persons external to the Holder who have previous responsibility. Under Articles 7 and in accordance to the article, the customer may request, at any time, updating, modification, correction and / or cancellation of the same to the representative at any time of the processing of personal data at the headquarters of Pf Stile S.r.l., in Altavilla Vicentina (VI), 36077 via Lago Maggiore 25 Italy, by emailing, calling +39-0444-340669 or by fax to the number +39-0444-523556. The implementation of these conditions are to be understood as the acceptance of the complete document that is published on the site of the Informative ex art. 13 d.lgs. 196/03, as well as the “consent” by the customer: the treatment of data as established by the art. 23 d.lgs. 196/03, in favour of the Organisation Pf Stile S.r.l. (owner of the information) sending their data, even for automated treatment, to parties present in the EU and non-EU countries. That transfer abroad is still guaranteed fulfilling the obligations, on the holders of Articles. 42, 43 and 44 of Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003.

9 – Cookies

The present “Cookie Policy” (our policy regarding the use of cookies) is applied on all the Internet sites, including the pages on third-party platforms (for example, Facebook or YouTube), and applications to which you access or which are used through these internet sites or third-party platforms that are conducted by or on behalf of the company By making use of our website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the present Cookie Policy. If you do not consent to our use of cookies, you must set your browser appropriately or do not use the site of the company If you decide to disable the cookies we use, this may affect the users experience while visiting the website.

What are cookies?

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10 – Jurisdiction

All disputes arising from or related to the contracts concluded between Pf Stile and the Customer, their interpretation, execution and resolution, are the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Vicenza, to the exclusion of any other court. rev. 08 del 22/01/2013

11 – Customer materials

In regards to the processing of customer fabric for seats, Pf Stile Srl declares that it is not responsible of the technical characteristics of the chosen texture and consequent possible deformations.

12 – Conservation of the technical data labelled on the chairs

What is to be removed or damaged, the technical data label affixed to the production of chairs, Pf Stile Srl accepts no responsibility for any disputes.

13 Compliance Certifications

Glamour: The seat in fact has a long series of annual certifications performed during the various production cycles issued by CATAS, the Italian institute for certification, research and testing in the wood and furniture industry. For each material and product, CATAS may prove effective compliance with requirements, conformity and specifications laid down by the standards, quality control, safety, resistance and durability. The tests are conducted in accordance with European, international and national standards or according to specific specifications required by the customer. Specifically, it is the certification for the contract sector, characterized by more stringent regulations than the Home sector.

Performed tests: The body has passed the 100,000 cycles test while the frame of the test 300,000 cycles during these annual tests.


The present general conditions of sales governing relations between Pf Stile S.r.l. and the customer receiving the supply of goods and/or services is where the good originate from. Each different agreement must be agreed in writing between the parties, under penalty of nullity.

The products offered in the images of our site are for illustrative purposes only.

  1. Prices are expressed in euro (excluding VAT)
  2. All the supplements are to be understood as being net of discounts.
  3. Prices are to be understood with yield ex-factory (EXV. INCOTERMS) from seat of Pf Stile S.r.l. in case of transport at the expense of the recipient Pf Stile will communicate details on size, weight and no. pallet only to goods ready packaged.
  4. There are no minimum quantities to be withdrawn. For orders with inferior amount to €250,00 there is a charge for € 20,00 for fixed overheads.
  5. The payment of the ordered goods will be 5 business days prior to the date of loading the goods” via bank transfer. For non-standard items (in the price list below the words “On Request”) it is required to pay a deposit of 30% on the total amount of order as guarantee deposit to be paid within 3 days from dispatch of the pro-forma invoice.
  6. All the material is sold and packaged disassembled on disposable pallets. The bases for tables are removed: bases in bubble wrap, tubes and cruises on boxes of 15 pieces.
  7. To have the material removed individually packed in a box or to have it mounted, will be required to pay a fee.
  8. Any dispute can be assessed only if you have complied with all the rules of fitting, location, use and maintenance of the product described in our web site.
  9. Any complaint must be communicated to Pf Stile S.r.l. within 8 days from receipt of goods.
  10. Any defects may not give rise to claims or claims for damages.
  11. Pf Stile S.r.l. reserves the right to modify at any time the goods of the same products and/or marketed without any notice.
  12. The goods travel at buyer’s risk.
  13. The times of delivery specified in the pro-forma invoice, are indicative. Any delays may not give rise to claims of damages or cancellation of the order itself.
  14. For any dispute the place of jurisdiction is the Court of Vicenza, Italy.
  15. The weights, dimensions and colours are indicative. Pf Stile reserves the right to make changes or improvements at any time without notice.
  16. All orders will be validated only after receipt of the pro-forma invoice, against signed and accepted in all its parts.
  17. With reference to the above described we invite you to consult our Càta/price list or our website for more information